Children's Author Spotlight: Chance to Dance by Keisha Bussey

Keisha Bussey 

Chance to Dance by Keisha BusseyIllustrated by Tyrus Goshay
Author Bio
Keisha Bussey is the author of Chance to Dance. She is also a dance educator. Keisha has a passion for dance and life with her students and colleagues.  She has been a dance educator for 19 years.  She believes in implementing dance books into dance curriculum.  As a little girl, she always had a love for books.  Her mother taught her to enhance her imagination while reading.  Keisha credits her early reading with her mother for an increase in her reading fluency as she became a more effective reader throughout school.  She also credits her third-grade teacher, Ms. Curry with inspiring her love for reading and books.  
Author Interview
DF: Tell us about your journey as a writer.  When did you start?   KB: My journey as a writer was a long process because I started with a chapter book then decided I to change it to a children’s book. I started writing years ago, brainstorming on ideas I could write in my jo…

7 Must Read Books By or About Zora Neale Hurston

7 Must Read Books By or About Zora Neale Hurston
by DuEwa Frazier
Zora Neale Hurston
 The famed novelist, folklorist, anthropologist, essayist, playwright and beloved member of the Harlem Renaissance Zora Neale Hurston has a birthday on Tuesday, January 7th!  Hurston is considered to be one of the great American writers and literary foremothers, with heirs such as Alice Walker, Maya Angelou, Toni Morison, Tayari Jones, and many others. 
Check out this list of seven must read books from children's stories to novels and autobiographies, by or about Zora Neale Hurston.   Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick: Stories from the Harlem Renaissance by Zora Neale Hurston (January 14, 2020)
Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick: Stories from the Harlem Renaissance 
A collection of short stories Hurston wrote while in college at Barnard College in New York City. The collection features stories about love, migration, gender, class, racism, and sexism. Includes eight of Hurston'…

Alice's Musical Debut & Multicultural Children's Book Day!

Celebrating Alice's Musical Debut & Multicultural Children's Book Day!

DuEwa Frazier is a proud Author Sponsor for Multicultural Children's Book Day that is being celebrated on January 31, 2020.With the release of Alice's Musical Debut, a diverse children's picture book with African American child protagonist Alice McLeod (young Alice Coltrane), DuEwa joins the ranks of committed children's book creators and educators to celebrate young readers and promote diversity in children's book publishing. 

Authors, publishers, editors, illustrators, educators, and others who champion diverse books for young readers will celebrate books that that feature multicultural content for children.  The importance of diverse books for children is that children of all backgrounds and ethnic groups can see themselves in the pages of these books.  The promoters of multicultural books for children have a vested interest in creating more diversity in children's book publishi…

NEW BOOK! Alice's Musical Debut by DuEwa Frazier

DuEwa released her first children's picture book ALICE'S MUSICAL DEBUT in summer 2019!  A dream come true for a writer, literacy advocate, and book promoter who desired to write for children for many YEARS!!! 

Alice's Musical Debut by DuEwa Frazier Illustrated by Nadia Salas (Lit Noire Publishing Children) is a historical fiction picture book for young readers!  The story reimagines one day in the early childhood of notable jazz pianist, harpist, and organist Alice Coltrane (wife of jazz great John Coltrane). DuEwa is excited to share this story with young readers, parents, educators, and children's book lovers! 

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NEW BOOK! Quincy Rules by DuEwa Frazier

I'm excited to announce my newest title, Quincy Rules(October 2016, Lit Noire Publishing/CreateSpace) a teen novel!  Read the description below, and check out Quincy Rules in paperback and Kindle editions at! Book Description Quincy Rules $9.99 192 pages Imagine receiving mysterious letters and cards with no return address, only colorful stamps from all around the world. These letters and cards tell little about the person who sends them, other than the fact that the sender, is the father you have never met. Quincy Lyles is a 15-year old teen who mastered yoga at a young age, gets straight A's in school and never gets into trouble. That is, until she starts to search for her birth father. Struggling to understand her true identify and background, Quincy goes on an adventurous quest to find her father. The one friend Quincy can depend on, Delaney Rojas, helps her in her quest. Quincy begins to develop parts of herself she never knew existed within her new found "…

Author Interview: Keke Chanel

Author Interview:  Keke Chanel 
Author, Keke Chanel
Silence by Keke ChanelKeke Chanel is a delightful author who I meet online a few years ago.  She promotes via her blog and websites and is the author of several books to date. Read my interview with Keke to find out more about this powerhouse author! 
~ DuEwa
About the Author 

KeKe Chanel grew up in the small town of Greensburg, Louisiana in a home filled to the brim with siblings and personalities, so it’s a wonder how she found a quiet space for anything. “I hid under my bed.” That’s the answer she is likely to give if ever asked how she managed it. Sharing a house with three other children was very trying at times. Yet, KeKe always found solace in a book. In third grade, KeKe began writing poetry. Over time, her collection of notebooks expanded as did her love for the art of writing. In 2006, she started work on her first book “Wicked Love” which will be released sometime in the near future. Starting a blog in 2010 opened up a great pl…